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Case Study


Key Decor started as an online initiative on social media to highlight interior spaces. Advertle team helped Key decor quickly grow into a consultancy. Now, they provide online services through their website created by our team.

Fully Responsive

Interior Design Website


Trendy designs, compatible with all devices, and easy-to-use interface.


High-security level, and high speed.

Client Base

Users can subscribe to the newsletter for the latest updates and news. and send their contact.

SEO Optimized 

Adheres to search engine guidelines, and appears in Google search results when people are looking for a related product or service.

User Experience

Enhanced user experience to easily order services, and tailored packages according to the market needs.


Easy-to-manage categorized portfolio, so admin can add and edit anytime.

Interior design portfolio

Brand Image

Brand guidelines and colors are applied to offer a seamless user experience that enhances customer perception of the brand.

Image Optimization

All images and designs on the website are optimized and compressed to provide fast browsing.


The ability to activate an online store, add, and manage products easily.


67% of Key Decor social media audience start visiting the website, and 23% of those have bought services.

New Qualified Leads Generated

Most Users Subscribed To The News Letter

Reach & Brand Awarness Increased by 73%

Key Decor offered new decoration services especially offered to commercial businesses, such as Restaurants, And Stores.
They achieved that by creating packages tailored for large orders that targeted commercial demands.
On the other hand, there was cost-cutting, due to serving more customers online.
Finally, Key Decor started focusing on its part of creating beautifully designed interior spaces.

The Numbers

After two quarters, Key Decor started to notice huge differences in conversion rate, return users, and social followers. As well as customer retention, and the ease of reaching worldwide segments. 
Key Decor now provides its services for 13 countries.
In addition, trust from their customers has increased.
In fact, their team is expanding and they are planning to launch a furniture online store through the website.

  • Conversion Rate – 90%
  • Return Users – 77%
  • Social Following – 85%


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Space Designed

Tri-fold brochure design

“I have been dealing with Advertle for over a year now! They helped me so much in the process of starting my online business.

Their team has helped me set up my website, storefront, tags for SEO…just everything I needed to get started!”

— Mr. Al Sharaa | Owner & Interior Designer

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